Meet Katie Brandt

No one every told me that grief would create so much energy. That was something that I learned on my own. When I experienced loss in my life, I realized that the grief it left behind, all that unexpressed love, created a fierce energy. I knew that I had to put it somewhere, focus it like a laser towards something good, something helpful, something positive. Otherwise it would turn inward and keep me from being the woman I knew I was meant to be. Parent. Daughter. Sister. Caregiver. Friend. Professional. Educator. Advocate. It took resilience, grit and determination. And, it also took tools. Through keynotes, presentations, workshops and seminars, I have been able to connect with caregivers to help them harness the power of grief for good. To learn the skills necessary to manage the role of caregiver while not losing every bit of yourself along the way. Making space for joy. Holding space for happiness.

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