Ellen Submission Online


Help Katie get on the Ellen Degeneres Show in honor of Rare Disease Day 2015 by joining the Love Is Out There Campaign and submitting a request online or by mail.  Thank you for helping Katie raise awareness for families struggling with rare disease and caregiving!  Here are the steps to submit:

Submit A Request to Ellen With 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to the Ellen Show website to submit a suggestion form
  2. Complete the form with your contact information
  3. Write your own statement or copy and paste the statement below (If you write your own, please include #EllenandKatieRDD2015 and Katie’s website katiebrandt.org) 

Bonus:  Ellen allows you to upload a photo.  You can download one of Katie’s photos to your computer and upload it to add to your Ellen submission!

Ellen Submission Statement:

Dear Ellen: 1 in 10 Americans are affected by a rare disease. Millions more are affected as caregivers. Katie Brandt is a powerful example of turning tragedy into inspiration. She is a public voice, a volunteer and a professional in the rare disease community. In 2009, her husband, Mike, was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD), a rare neurological disorder. That same month, Katie lost her mother to a heart attack and her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her whole world was blown to pieces. Katie had to learn to be a caregiver while learning to be a new mom. At 33, Mike lost his life to FTD, only 21 days after their son Noah turned 4. Today, Katie is a tireless advocate and volunteer, connecting with families to make their caregiving journey easier. She speaks publicly about the impact of rare disease and caregiving on her family. Last February, she spoke at the MA State House in honor of Rare Disease Day. This February, she needs your help to raise her voice to a nationwide level. Have Katie on your show this February in honor of Rare Disease Day 2015.  Katie’s story of love, loss and resilience is much more than what is written here.  Go to KatieBrandt.org to learn about Love Is Out There, a campaign Katie created to raise awareness and help families struggling with rare disease. Ellen, your message of kindness and Katie’s message of love can help caregivers know that they are not alone. #EllenforMike #EllenandKatieRDD2015 @KatieBrandt6