What Can Katie Do For You?


Advocacy.  Education.  Support.


Katie is a powerful advocate with experience presenting at the State House in Boston and on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  By sharing her family’s experience with FTD, public aid systems, and caregiving, she has the ability to inspire policy makers and elected officials. Katie is the co-chair of Boston’s 2016 Rare Disease Day Event.


Katie has presented at colleges, conferences, and in health care settings.  She connects with students, caregivers, physicians, and health care professionals by sharing the experience of caring for a loved one with FTD as well as strategies for caring for patients and caregivers.  Presentations include an overview of FTD and can be tailored to fit your unique needs.


Katie is a co-facilitator of the Boston-area FTD Support Group. She is the Community Resource Specialist in The Frontotemporal Disorders Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.  She provides one on one consultation to caregivers through face to face, telephone and email communication.

Contact Katie to find out how she can support your families, colleagues, and communities.